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address given upon registration, Freestone

I created Mantra Mamas from a friend’s suggestion to lead some mothers, from my sons preschool, in singing when I was living in Chile as a new mom. I was living far from home and feeling isolated and alone and then Mantra Mamas was born and suddenly I had a powerful circle of mothers to support me, share ideas with and sing together! We met in my apartment in Santiago, Chile every week and the connections I made with these mothers will last through all space and time. Some of the women came to sing when they were pregnant and then we got to meet the babies after they were born! I also created Mantra Mamas to be a space where children can experience devotion, meditation and prayer as a normal part of life not some separate arena that disallows childrens voices, giggles, and sometimes tears and yelling. I wanted to remind mothers that even if their children are climbing on their heads, being loud or demanding that we can just continue to sing and expand our hearts through the daily circumstances of life. I invite you to join this sacred circle of mothers (although you do not have to be a mother to join and we have had a few special dads and uncles join us over the years).

I believe that singing together is one of the most powerful things that we can do in these times and as I practice I become more aware of why it is so powerful. When we chant together we get to experience Oneness. We experience where our separateness and physical bodies end and where we merge together as one voice or one choir of many voices. This is the place where we can practice the truth about who we really are! It is easy to say we are all ONE but quite another to practice it and yet another to experience it. As we sing together our hearts start to beat together, our breath starts to synchronize and we start to feel this shared oneness/aliveness/being. From this dynamic energy we create a field of resonance, a pool of shared love that begins to ripple outwards to encompass the entire world! That is why I LOVE SINGING TOGETHER!!! It is pure Magic! Join us every first Thursday of the month:

Mantra Mamas First Thursdays 10-11am, Freestone

Mantra Mamas is the creation of Kiranjot Kaur, a northern Californian musician, artist, and teacher. It is the culmination of the three most powerful eras in her life: writing and performing in the indie feminist music group Copper Wimmin, completing a five year study in classical Indian music in the Sikh capital of Amritsar, India and becoming a mother to her son. The course is designed to provide a meditative outlet where women and mothers can learn to sing sacred mantras while also being inclusive to their children.

Each woman can walk away with the benefits of meditation, mantra singing, and connection to a group of supportive and creative peers.

Children are invited to participate in the chanting and or play alongside the adults, toys and art supplies provided. Children get to absorb the music and positive energy... And even play a few keys on the harmonium at the end of class.

Toddlers and babies are welcome. This class is also a good fit for older children who love singing and helping with younger children.

$20 per class RSVP :